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Small enough for a personal approach yet big enough to be a long-term partner – that is how many of our clients, candidates and consultants put it when asked about Wise Professionals and why they choose us. It is actually quite simple – we are specialists in attraction and recruitment. The rest is all variations on the same theme.

Curious and interested

We are a team of around 80 passionate recruitment consultants, driven by finding the right person for the right job and changing how recruitment is viewed.

Our craft

Leading recruitment processes and creating communication that attracts the right candidates is a craft that we are constantly developing. We continuously train both ourselves and our clients in quality-assured methods for finding and recruiting the right person at the right time.

Our network

During our decade working within the industry, we have built up a network of candidates that includes both active applicants and those who would consider changing jobs if the right position and the right opportunity come up. Many of our candidates have gone on to become our clients, which we think is a good sign that we are doing things right.

Our passion

We are interested and curious, and we know that attraction and recruitment can be a much better experience for everyone involved – for recruiting managers, and particularly for candidates. We have therefore spent many years working to improve the candidate experience. Since 2017, we have presented the Candidate Experience Award to the employer who has delivered the best candidate experience.


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Wise Professionals – part of Wise Group

Since being launched in 2008, Wise Professionals has been part of Wise Group – a group that owns, starts up and develops specialist companies within recruitment, consultant provision and HR. Wise Group offers a complete portfolio of services for operational and strategic HR. We help our clients to achieve greater profitability by understanding their businesses and seeing the entire HR process as a tool to achieve business goals.

Would you like to learn more about the various companies within the group? You can find more information and our contact details at Wise Group’s website.