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We are no ordinary recruitment agency! For us, professional staffing is a type of recruitment solution closely associated with quality, service level and the client as well as the candidate experience.  We are keen to provide job satisfaction, good working conditions, and a committed consultant manager.  Happy consultants means satisfied clients. Our consultant managers are all specialists with many years of experience in recruitment, behavioral sciences and organizational management as well as having a background in the industry they recruit for. Our candidate specialists are constantly and proactively interviewing talents within our areas of competence ensuring an available and active network of relationships. Speed and precision are our key factors to success.


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Hiring a consultant - our process


We appoint a dedicated project team consisting of a Consultant Manager and a  Candidate Specialst. This team works with you throughout the process.  In close collaboration with you, we produce a requirements profile for the kind of consultant you need.


In the matching process, we work swiftly and efficiently to find the right candidates for your particular organization. What we do is to match your needs with available candidates matching the set competences found in our own network, our consultant network, in external databases as well as through advertising.


After 1-3 weeks – sometimes within days, we present you with candidates matching your established requirements profile.  The number of candidates may vary according to current availability and how challenging the assignment is. As a rule, we check two references for the final candidate. If recommendable we can offer more in-depth background checks.


When working with us, our consultants are either employed on a permanent basis by us, or hired as free-lance sub-consultant. The employment status is conditioned by the type of assignment and/or the consultants own requests. We are keen to offer our consultants job security and have a collective bargaining agreement with Swedish trade union Unionen.


We hold continuous follow-up meetings with our consultants and clients alike through-out the assignment to ensure that both parties are content. As part of our responsibility as employer we speak on a weekly basis with our consultants to check that the assignment is going well and to determine the consultants degree of job satisfaction.

We are consultant staffing specialists in

Wise Professionals has listened attentively and been able to provide different options for solutions and competence. Long discussions about the assignment specifics and significant focus on behaviors have produced long-lasting successful results in our organization. Continuous follow-ups from Wise help consultants to feel secure and allow us to work proactively and be "prepared" for any future needs that may occur.

Martina Törnsten, Payroll Manager, Axstores

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