In-house recruitment

Would you like to recruit mainly in-house? We would love to be your partner helping you to further your own recruitment.


Enhance your accuracy, candidate experience and recruitment process efficiency. Whether you want an objective applicant appraisal, accurate assessment, or efficient screening, we have got quality assured tools and methods readily adaptable to your specific needs.

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The Recruitment School

We train managers in competence-based recruitment. These days, many managers are involved in recruitment work without any previous training. That is why we offer efficient and flexible solutions, ranging from open half-day courses to tailored solutions and individual coaching.

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The Candidate Experience

How do candidates feel after applying for a job in your organization? We are talking about all applicants including those who are not selected for an interview. Working with the candidate experience is working hands-on with your Employer Brand.

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Design is about creating a clear-cut and accurate recruitment plan for your particular professional activities. Our starting point is your specific conditions and set of objectives.

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Hire a Recruitment Consultant

Many companies decide to do most of their hiring themselves. As a result, an organization’s regular recruiters are periodically faced with a substantially increased workload. That is when we at Wise Professionals are your perfect resource providing partner.


Assessing potential for Leaders & Managers is a significant element for us at Fortum in order to establish a complete picture of our final candidates. When undertaking that task, Wise Professionals is a strategically vital partner for us. By understanding our business, our corporate culture and our values they have taken a crucial step from being a traditional provider to working as an integrated partner and are thereby able to challenge us while also coaching us all the way to successful recruitment.

Kajsa Mühlenfels, HR Business Partner, Fortum Sverige