Ever since the beginning ten years ago, HR has been the main sphere of competence of our recruitment work, and it is still our core. We now recruit in all niche competences in the intermediate segment, focusing mainly on different sorts of specialists. Nearly always where competence provision is concerned, our clients tend to be HR, either directly or indirectly. Experience acquired through customer contact has furthered our ability to identify and understand which aspects really matter.


Kontakta oss

Our promise

When you hire us for recruitment, candidate appraisal or other recruitment solutions for HR-sphere profiles, it means that tried and tested processes are in place and that your contact person will always be a highly educated and qualified consultant able to successfully complete this type of project. When advertising, we reach Sweden’s most extensive network of HR-professionals, meaning we are well-placed to ensure your satisfaction and trust in us.

We also tend to get feedback assuring that working with us is a pleasure – we are just as keen and interested as you to further our knowledge about the latest in talent management, candidate experience, EVP, growth issues and employer branding.  And we’re always eager to learn more, so we are likely to ask a lot of questions. That usually happens when you’re passionately business oriented and obsessed with your trade.

We’re aware that we are the ones delivering, but we’d like to think of the process as a collaboration, because that tends to favour the highest possible quality and provide an outstanding experience.

Not for nothing, our core value is: I’m OK – you’re OK. In addition, good collaboration and mutual respect tend to speed up processes and that’s something we really like to do.

Examples of roles:

  • HR Manager
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Administrator
  • HR Business Partner
  • Recruiter/Recruitment Consultant
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Talent Manager
  • Employer Branding Specialist
  • People & Culture

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